The Indalex PROXT15 triple extension heavy duty ladder provides a compact solution for those with limited transport or storage options. This ladder is Just 1.7m closed, this little beauty extends to 4.5m, This is a heavy duty ladders designed with the best joining methods to last repeated use for many years hence is confidently back with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 3 piece rung joint system using high tensile aluminium ensuring robustness and longevity with anti-twist properties.
  • High tensile aluminium has been used with the strongest joining methods, for a Robust Ladder.
  • Indalex Ladders are Robust Ladders, Designed to Last. The Pro Series ladders are engineered with an emphasis on robustness, with weight being the next important factor in their design.
  • Anodised aluminium components of the ladder offer enhanced corrosion resistance, for long-lasting durability less transfer of dirt onto finished surfaces, keeping your work clean and professional.
  • Made from structural grade aluminimum to keep the Strength high and the Weight low.
  • Surprisingly lightweight for it's size, making this ladder easier to move.
  • Synthetic rubber feet.
  • Curved foot that is both versatile for different ground conditions and replaceable.
  • Automatic latching system ensuring safe raising and lowering of the upper sections.
  • Rope free and easily operated, the PROXT rung catch is smooth and easy to use.
  • 3 section extension ladder.
Finish CL
Height (m) 4.5
Rating (Kg) 150
Weight (Kg) 15
Width at Feet Front (cm) 44
Shipping Length (M) 0.44
Shipping Width (M) 0.23

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