The Indalex PROSG14 single straight ladder, or better known as 'builders single', is a heavy duty yet light weight Ladder. Part of the Indalex Pro Series range they are robust heavy duty ladders designed with the best joining methods to withstand repeated use and are confidently backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 3 piece rung joint system using high tensile aluminium ensuring robustness and longevity with anti-twist properties.
  • High tensile aluminium has been used with the strongest joining methods, for a Robust Ladder.
  • Indalex Ladders are Robust Ladders, Designed to Last. The Pro Series ladders are engineered with an emphasis on robustness, with weight being the next important factor in their design.
  • Anodised aluminium components of the ladder offer enhanced corrosion resistance, for long-lasting durability less transfer of dirt onto finished surfaces, keeping your work clean and professional.
  • Made from structural grade aluminimum to keep the Strength high and the Weight low.
  • Strong yet lightweight design making this ladder easy to use, transport, and versatile.
  • Synthetic rubber feet.
  • Curved foot that is both versatile for different ground conditions and replaceable.
  • Hooks avaliable as an optional extra for times when the ladders needs hooked onto Scaffold or a bracket.
  • Mounting Brackets avalaible as an optional extra so the ladder can be fixed in place when required.
  • The PROSG range are designed with feet on both ends and a strong D rung, so this ladder can be used either way up for the users preference to a Rounded standing surface or a flat standing surface.
  • Strong, light, simple, this ladder has a hundred uses, it will get you up a wall, down a manhole , between levels during a build, and in its off time help out as a barrier or carrying flexable items on roof racks, the PROSG range can be used as a protable ladder or setup with hooks as a regular yet removable access means, or mounted permantily for roof hatch or lift well access.
Finish CL
Height (m) 4.3
Rating (Kg) 180
Weight (Kg) 10
Series Pro-Series
Material Amuminium
Type Industrial Aluminium Single Ladder
Width at Feet Front (cm) 44
Shipping Length (M) 0.44
Shipping Width (M) 0.08

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