The Indalex PROX36SF heavy duty extension ladder, with Swivel Feet, is designed to be a robust ladder, with minimal flex, for the highest applications. Part of the Pro Series range it is made from a high tensile aluminium alloy and using a 3 piece rung joint system to attach the D rung to the siderails, hence the best joining methods have been incorporated to sustain repeated use for years to come. An automatic latch and dual rope system allows full and smooth control when raising or lowering the upper section.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 3 piece rung joint system using high tensile aluminium ensuring robustness and longevity with anti-twist properties.
  • High tensile aluminium has been used with the strongest joining methods, for a Robust Ladder.
  • Indalex Ladders are Robust Ladders, Designed to Last. The Pro Series ladders are engineered with an emphasis on robustness, with weight being the next important factor in their design.
  • Anodised aluminium components of the ladder offer enhanced corrosion resistance, for long-lasting durability less transfer of dirt onto finished surfaces, keeping your work clean and professional.
  • Made from structural grade aluminimum to keep the Strength high and the Weight low.
  • Surprisingly lightweight for it's size, making this ladder easier to move.
  • Swivel feet
  • Swivel feet, which are best suited for level surfaces where the Level-Arc isn't required, have a wide foot area.
  • The extension ascends on the back side to allow an easy transfer from the top to the bottom section, for a safer descent
  • The ladder features an automatic latching system with 30 cm increments, allowing for the upper section to be raised and lowered conveniently.
  • The extension ascends on the back side to allow an easy transfer from the top to the bottom section, when descending, so that you are not blindly looking and feeling for the lower rung.
  • The ladder features side-located ropes, ensuring a clear path for the user's ascent and descent, and offering improved control when extending or retracting the ladder.
Finish CL
Height (m) 10.8
Rating (Kg) 130
Weight (Kg) 31
Series Pro-Series
Material Amuminium
Type Industrial Alum Ext Ladder w Swivel Feet
Width at Feet Front (cm) 45
Shipping Length (M) 6.24
Shipping Width (M) 0.44
Shipping Height (M) 0.15

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