The Indalex PROS5D Pro Series Double Sided ladder is a robust Industrial ladder intended for those who need and expect their "tools of trade" to last beyond the next few years. Designed with the best joining methods that won't loosen over time. Confidently backed with a Lifetime Warranty, these ladders are Robust Ladders Designed to Last.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Solid aluminium rivets that won't loosen over time.
  • High tensile aluminium has been used with the strongest joining methods, for a Robust Ladder.
  • Indalex Ladders are Robust Ladders, Designed to Last. The Pro Series ladders are engineered with an emphasis on robustness, with weight being the next important factor in their design.
  • Anodised aluminium components of the ladder offer enhanced corrosion resistance, for long-lasting durability less transfer of dirt onto finished surfaces, keeping your work clean and professional.
  • Made from structural grade aluminimum to keep the Strength high and the Weight low.
  • Lightweight without compromosining on striength. Strong, yet easy to move ladder with the best strength-to-weight ratio in its class.
  • Synthetic rubber feet, Angled to sit flat and suported with a capture bracket
  • Flat feet spread the load evenly. Whilst providing the right amount of grip between the ladder and the ground.
  • With a design that allows the two-piece extruded top to close without leaving a gap, the potential for pinching is minimized.
  • Heavy duty internal spreader bars pivot parrallel to the side rails.
  • Equipped with internal spreader bars that are designed for hassle-free transport and won’t catch on items, all while maintaining easy operation.
  • Dual-sided access for increased reach and efficiency, reducing the need for repositioning or enabling additional assistance from a second person.
Finish CL
Height (m) 1.5
Rating (Kg) 180
Weight (Kg) 8
Series Pro-Series
Material Amuminium
Type Double Sided Aluminium Step Ladder
Width at Feet Front (cm) 54
Width at Feet Rear (cm) 54
Footprint Length (cm) 106
Shipping Length (M) 0.54
Shipping Width (M) 0.18

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